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Counting Crochet Set + Bonuses

Counting Crochet Set + Bonuses

Counting Crochet Set + Bonuses

Never lose track of your counting again!

NEW Counting Crochet Set

 Count Stitches & Rows - Keep track of both rows and stitches by simply clicking the buttons on the handle.

 Smart Count Technology - The count can easily be increased or decreased and it automatically stores the last stitch/row combination.

 9 in 1 Aluminium Heads - Counting Crochet Set contains 9 in 1 aluminium interchangeable heads with hook sizes from C to K (2.5 mm - 6.5 mm).

 Rechargeable - It has a built-in lithium battery which can be recharged and reused. Battery is fully charged after 15 minutes and it lasts 7-9 hours.

 Ergonomic Design - Lightweight handle is designed for comfort, safety and ease of use. Ergonomic design allows you to crochet for longer sessions without pain.

 7 Bonuses - Order now and receive 7 bonuses: 2x digital crochet magazines, 1x eBook and 4x crochet patterns.

Easily count stitches and rows independently!

There’s nothing more frustrating than unraveling hours of hard work, because you got interrupted and completely lost your count.

With this Counting Crochet Hook you’ll never lose place in your crocheting project again!

Simply click the buttons on the handle to keep track of both rows and stitches. Press the button to increase the count or hold it to decrease the count. Handle automatically stores the last stitch/row combination, so you will always know where you left off.

Counting Crochet Set comes with 9 aluminum crochet hooks that are interchangeable and marked individually for your convenience. The handle is rechargeable with a long battery life (7-9 hours) and fast charging time (15 minutes).


Shipping Times

  • United States: 2-7 days
  • Australia: 10-15 days
  • Canada: 10-20 days

Package Includes

1 x Handle
9 x Hook Tips
1 x Wrench
1 x USB Cable
1 x Case
1x Instructions
5x Bonuses

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