Chubby Hubby - Crochet Hook Handle Set

Chubby Hubby - Crochet Hook Handle Set

Chubby Hubby - Crochet Hook Handle Set

Transform any crochet hook into an ergonomic one!

Hand cramping or wrist pain is a thing of the past!

2x Wider Than Other Ergonomic Hooks - Diameter of the handle is 1 ⅕ inches (3,05cm). The same width as occupational therapists recommend for any hand tool. 

The Most Comfortable Handle - Made of super soft silicone, which provides a much more relaxed grip. Designed to protect your hand health. It provides relief to those with hand pain, carpal tunnel, arthritis and more. It's perfect for long hours of crocheting.

Improves Stitches & Tension - A ton of our customers said that the Chubby Hubby has improved their tension and made their stitches neater. Note: This is not scientifically proven.

Fit Most Hook Sizes - Set includes two sizes of silicone handles to make sure they will fit every hook in your collection. They fit hook sizes from 14 to P (0,60mm - 10mm).

Suitable For Pencil & Knife Grip - The handle slides to anywhere on the hook, so you can adjust where it sits on the hook to suit your grip. It doesn’t move around while crocheting.

Package Includes - 2x silicone handles in different sizes, 27x aluminum crochet hooks from from 14 to P (0,60mm - 10mm) and a pencil case.

Dealing with hand or wrist pain when crocheting?

Imagine crocheting for hours without pain!

Now you can more than ever with Chubby Hubby. It turns any crochet hook into an ergonomic one. It provides you with the best ergonomic grip on the market.

It’s perfect to relieve and prevent hand cramps, wrist pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel,...

Chubby Hubby isn’t only for crochet hooks! It also fits a huge variety of crafting tools such as pens, pencils, paint brushes and more.

Enjoy crocheting for hours pain-free!

Shipping Times

  • United States: 10-15 days
  • Australia: 10-15 days
  • Canada: 10-20 days

Package Includes

2x Silicone Handles
14x Multi-Color Aluminium Crochet Hooks
13x Silver Aluminium Crochet Hooks
1x Case
7x Bonuses

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